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How will I be billed for services provided?
We accept cash, money orders, credit, debit cards and confirmed insurance company payments. Once we are provided with your insurance provider we will contact them and revert.

How can I contact you?
Voicemail messages can be recorded on our homepage listed phone numbers; and our email address is accl.speed@gmail.com.

What are the costs involved in non-personal trainer services?
Quotations will be provided based upon the needs addressed in our consultation meeting.

Do you offer diet and nutrition?
We are in the process of completing the required professional education that will allow us to deliver Nutrition Coaching; which is distinctly different from a nutritionist.

Do you have training for sporting or recreational events such as 5k runs, youth championships or elite games?

Do you help clients with weight loss?
Yes, we offer training methods that promote increased metabolism and muscle building.

Do you have safety procedures in place?
We have a training and programming protocol unilateral with state recommendations.

I notice you have a New Mexico address, where is your location?
We are based out of New Mexico, deliver remote service and are able to operate in various locations hands on.

Which curriculum do you follow for Home School and tutoring?
We use state education standards as a guideline for our material.

Which online education platform do you use?
Blackboard and Google Classroom.

Can you connect me abroad?
Yes, we can assist with short-term international work placement, study and sports tourism exposure.

Do you offer group training?
Yes, we offer group personal training in a variety of settings.

Do you train for all sports?
We prepare athletes for High Performance in ball sports such as football, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse.

How long are sessions?
Sessions can range from 20 to 190 minutes depending on client ability.

Do you use technology for training?
We utilize Hudle Technique and Dartfish for biomechanics and human movement system data collection.