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Rural Strength & Focus Kit (ages 11-14)
Item number: 0100123
Style number: Y1114
Description: The kit includes:
*4 team carrying logs (two six ft, two eight ft)
*1 35 ft tug-a-war rope
*1 extra sled rope
*1 can of red spray paint
*1 man made power sled
*1 bulls-eye point panel
*5 banging mallets
*24 ground stakes
Total price includes local delivery in Hobbs, NM

About the kits: Earth supplies and projects relevant to parent employment resonate with populations interested in perfecting a trade upwards in education. Our physical education kits can be integrated with activities that promote calculation, awareness, reflection, and teamwork. The wooden blocks have been sanded and labeled to indicate safety areas and mallets have short handles and rubber ends. This do it yourself (DIY) inspired kit has a limitless amount of uses in your classroom.