Performance Trainer Plans

Monthly Plan

Guaranteed 16 sessions and first priority session bookings with us. Make a full commitment to your wellbeing and performance my making a payment today.

Service 1$60hr
Service 2$60hr
Service 3$60hr
Service 4$60hr
Service 5$60hr
Service 6$60hr
Service 7$60hr
Service 8$60hr
Service 9$60hr
Service 10$60hr
Service 11$60hr
Service 12$60hr
Service 13$60hr
Service 14$60hr
Service 15Free
Service 16Free
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Weekly Plan

Think about your direction and assess your situation based on weekly events. We are open to developing short and long term service in this package.

Service 1$65hr
Service 2$65hr
Service 3$65hr
Service 4$65hr
Service 5$65hr
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Per Session Plan

Enjoy your time with us, and experience being a champion for a day.

1 Service$100
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K-12 Student Plan

Prepare for future seasons getting extra time needed to advance; from average to a better you in the quest for greatness.

14 Session Package$412
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One of my favorite coaches ever

— David Winters